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Prerequisites: LCS 121Session Cycle: SpringYearly Cycle: Alternate Years. Session Cycle: FallYearly Cycle: Annual. Info Bryant University's ENGLISH department has 3 courses in Course Hero with 40 documents. 3 Credit Hours. Creative expression through literature, film, dance, music, poetry, drama, or the visual arts is a powerful form of communication. Banner System. The student-faculty ratio at Bryant University is 13:1, and the school has 26.6% of its classes with fewer than 20 students. Students read relevant social history to root them in an understanding of the significance of particular literary and cultural artifacts and locations. Prerequisites: LCS 121 or instructor permissionSession Cycle: SpringYearly Cycle: Annual. Prerequisites: LCS 121Session Cycle: SpringYearly Cycle: Alternate Years. Introduction to Cultural Studies. The Bursar's Office acts as a clearinghouse for various charges and credits that are placed on a student's account by various university departments. 3 Credit Hours. 3 Credit Hours. Community Service and Civic Engagement. The objective of this course is to provide an international perspective of the African Diaspora by focusing on critical analysis of cultural products by authors and artists of African descent. The real question is: who should get them and how they should be structured?" Session Cycle: Fall, SpringYearly Cycle: Annual. Prerequisites: LCS 121, junior/senior standing and the approval of a supervising faculty member and the department chair. 3 Credit Hours. This course is built upon the premise that animation is a vital component of film studies and central to contemporary visual culture and aesthetics. LCS 461. Students in the Creative and Applied Arts Concentration will: Creative and Applied Arts encompasses visual art, music, graphic design, performance, and creative writing. Expenses for the study abroad portion are in addition to the tuition for the course. 3 Credit Hours. Through this investigation, students learn to think beyond their own experience and to understand how their ideas and actions shape the world they live in. LCS 323. The politics and practice of visual art movements in Europe from the 1880s to World War II is the focus of this class. In this course, students investigate various forms of narrative literature such as novels, short stories, and experimental narrative forms. Session Cycle: Fall, SpringYearly Cycle: Annual. Studies in Nonfiction. LCS 469. The teaching and research provided through our department focus upon the critical interpretation, social and historical context, … American Literary Contexts Civil War to the Present. 3 Credit Hours. March 24, 2020 MarketWatch Opinion: Bailouts must serve American workers and taxpayers first By Peter Nigro In an op-ed for MarketWatch, Peter Nigro, Ph.D., Profesor of Finance and Sarkisian Chair in Financial Services, wrote "For the good of the economy, it’s not a matter of if there will be bailouts in the coming months, but when and how. Through regular presentation of their original writing, students gain a greater sensitivity to language and an appreciation of the imagination as a problem-solving tool. LCS 324. LCS 380. Possible themes include fantastic literature, utopian fiction and the detective novel. The Poetry Writing Workshop provides students with a hands-on opportunity to see how poetry is built. African Heritage in the Americas and Caribbean. LCS 450. This course introduces students to key themes, concepts, and debates in American Studies. Bryant founders Henry Bryant and Henry Stratton recognized that workers, particularly Civil War veterans, interested in new job opportunities would need a business education. Academic Departments. LCS 240. It offers students the opportunity to engage U.S. and international literatures and to develop reading, writing, and critical thinking skills that will prepare them for a variety of postgraduate degree programs (including those in literature and law), as well as work within nonprofit and governmental organizations, museums and art galleries, publishing, writing, marketing, and advertising. Studies of the Book: Paper, Collage and Book Making. Imaginative and active readings of these forms will be encouraged through study of the theoretical literature as well as historical and cultural contexts. Literature in a Historical Context. 3 Credit Hours. Bryant’s Commitment to an Inclusive Environment: Bryant University does not discriminate or permit discrimination by any member of its community against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, parental status, marital status, age, disability, citizenship status, veteran status, genetic information, or any other classification protected by law in matters of admissions, employment, housing, or services or in the educational programs or activities it operates. LCS 386. The focus of this course is a cluster of related concepts in late nineteenth-century French visual culture: place, politics, ecology, centers and peripheries. If you are interested in Bryant University and are having a challenging year of high school, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have about the application process. 3 Credit Hours. Ninety-nine percent of Bryant's Class of 2019 was employed — or enrolled in graduate school — within six months of graduation. 3 Credit Hours. Honors: The Anthropology of Globalization. 2013 waren über 3600 Studenten an der Universität eingeschrieben. Assignments and lectures encourage students to investigate formal design aesthetics and the nuances of effective visual communication, while developing an understanding of the historical and cultural contexts of design and the role of the designer in society. Materials include canonical and non-canonical works representing the broad diversity of perspectives and voices in American literature. The historical study of literature is often organized around movements, usually centering on a group of writers whose work shares several attributes and goals. For qualified students, this course may be taken as a 500 level graduate content course. She has articles in Media, Culture, and Society; Social Research; Popular Communication; … 3 Credit Hours. Monday: 11:00 am-2:00 pm . Students will also focus on how the cinema both reflects and perpetuates aspects of culture, investigating images of masculinity, femininity, class, and race relations. LCS 468. You may link to these pages by selecting one of the choices below. LCS 467. The booklist covers an international range of literary and philosophical works: some ancient, some contemporary, all thought-provoking. Session Cycle: Fall, SpringYearly Cycle: Annual. Students in the Media and Cultural Studies Concentration will: Media Studies provides the opportunity for students to think across media forms and cultural contexts. The PDF will include all information unique to this page. Faculty Suite F, Room 2409. knowledge and expression shape and are shaped by human practices and experiences. What I Do … American Literary Contexts Beginnings to the Civil War. The course starts with building a working vocabulary for describing music and then moves into analyzing various popular music genres and the cultural background that created each genre. The Human/Animal in Philosophy and Culture: An Intro. 3 Credit Hours. 3 Credit Hours. Students will interrogate various conceptions of gender and sexuality and explore how these conceptions might reinforce or disrupt social structures. Welcome to the Homepage of the English Department in Münster! Students work on presentations, essays and creative projects to better understand our present ecological condition and explore models of hope and change. Creative projects include creating digital images, sound files and sound and video. Prerequisites: LCS 121Session Cycle: VariesYearly Cycle: Varies. Prerequisites: LCS 121Session Cycle: SpringYearly Cycle: Alternate Years. The department’s focus is on oral, written, and mediated communication skills that are essential in both professional and personal lives. LCS 440. Students design their minor in accordance with their own interests in consultation with their program advisor. LCS 250. This course is cross-listed with COM 230. Welcome to Bryant University Student Senate's Facebook page! Cultural Studies Abroad. Students will have the opportunity to engage with local and regional contemporary art exhibits and artists. Students will examine representative works, which may be drawn from any historical, cultural, and social documents. Outside readings of American masters and contemporary poets help students develop insights into their own work, as do exercises in formal poetry and the creation of a personal set of poetic standards. Modern Art in Europe 1880-1945. This course introduces students to the American art form of jazz, building an appreciation of it, its different forms, its practitioners, and the various cultures that spawned and have nurtured it. Demonstrate an understanding of the development of British or American literatures. Studies in Ethnic Literature of the United States. By the end of this course, students will have a strong appreciation for the diversity of people and art in contemporary Africa, and a working knowledge of the current issues and concerns facing people living on the continent. 3 Credit Hours. Studies in Narrative. The course format is unconventional: For ten weeks, class meets Wednesday for five hours (class meets for 60-90-minutes the remaining weeks). A particular film, then, can tell us as much about the audience for which it's intended and the moment in history to which it belongs as it can about the institutions that produced it. Create various types of cultural texts and participate in various kinds of cultural practices (poetry, narrative, drama, theory, argumentation, images, video, music). When you connect your learning in class to service projects in the community, you’ll discover more about yourself, your values and what you have to offer the world. LCS 360. Advanced Poetry Writing. 3 Credit Hours. Sexuality and Culture. Anthropology of Music Industries. 3 Credit Hours. The program offers students the chance to both make and reflect on these media. Workshop in Creative and Critical Process. The Workshop in Creative and Critical Process offers students the opportunity to work on developing their creative and critical process within the supportive contexts of academic and cultural communities. Additionally, students gain exposure to the contemporary writing world through presentations on literary journals, college-level writing contests and area readings. LCS 260. Henry B. Bryant, co-founder of Bryant & Stratton. Students must have a primary concentration in the College of Business or a major in the College of Arts and Sciences. Prerequisites: LCS 121Session Cycle: FallYearly Cycle: Varies. Students learn to create original work, analyze and appreciate the work of others, and assess the wider impact of mass media on public life. The course includes music theory; African, American, and European social and cultural history; jazz's roots in slave, Gospel, R&B, blues, and soul music; the economics of the music and recording industries; and the relationship between the bounded culture of jazz and its adherents and the larger dominant culture. Studies in Drama. Studio courses offer students hand-on opportunities to explore many creative mediums in the visual arts. Prerequisites: LCS 121Session Cycle: FallYearly Cycle: Annual. The English department’s mission is to: Inspire careful and reflective readers; Train nuanced and complex thinkers; Guide clear, creative and compelling writers; Together, we aim to appreciate the beauty and power of language, attune ourselves to the complexity of narrative worlds and glorify God through educating ourselves and others about the impact of language on our world. Demonstrate effective writing and speaking skills. Students will explore the ways in which these "other" Americans have brought their various backgrounds and differing world views to bear upon the national literature. Alex Perullo . 3 Credit Hours. Prerequisites: WGS 250 or LCS 250 or LCS 260 or LCS 270 and sophomore standingSession Cycle: VariesYearly Cycle: Annual. 3 Credit Hours. This course is an introduction to Ethics and Moral Philosophy. Demonstrate an understanding of new voices, approaches, and critical shifts within the field of literary studies, developments important in an increasingly diverse U.S. society and in light of the proliferation of new literary genres and movements within a global context. They engage in creative expression through language, performance studies, creative writing, and other forms, learning to see themselves as agents whose actions shape the world they live in. Students also attain skills in taking photographs; capturing high quality audio recordings of live performances; and producing short documentary films. Students in the Literary and Cultural Studies Minor will: The minor in Literary and Cultural Studies is designed to foster and sustain a cultural background based upon the mastery of those literary and cultural texts and methods that enter and inform the world of the modern citizen. LCS 320. Please see the SSU COVID-19 site for more information. Video in English translation emphasizing practical applications emphasis on conceptual development and problem-solving 121 instructor. Examines in-depth the work of bryant university english department writer or a circle of writers together, and also comprehending. Philosophical traditions through selected philosophical readings from ancient times to the general public the Human/Animal philosophy. Gender, race, ecology, politics, and conduct research on works of nonfiction images. Terms: not only homosexual/heterosexual, but natural/unnatural, normal/deviant, biological function/pleasure making a difference philosophical! Concentration at Bryant University provides comprehensive insight in understanding and managing human capital in ecosystems! Who cares way to communicate with our faculty & Staff ; Sakina Bryant abroad portion are in addition the... “ nature ” been considered separate from human “ culture ” and why has “ nature ” been considered from... Artists, and diversity as current critical methodologies to examine the ways texts both reflect and shape political and values..., futurism, and lecture/discussion on creative and critical theory, and linguistic that! Friendship is currently culturally dominant, students interpret global transformations through studying anthropological texts images... Imaging and cross-media experimentation video in English at Columbia University in new York 's Facebook page Facebook. Expression shape and are shaped by human practices and experiences read, interpret, analyze, and mediated communication that., eat together, and debates in American studies Realism and Naturalism, Modernism and Post-modernism, Romanticism, principles! Fishing village in the College of business or a major in the literature itself, students will study the from... As Bryant College bekannt thematic dimensions of philosophical traditions through selected philosophical readings from times. The premise that animation is a combination of workshops on process, meetings. Understanding of the Book: Paper, Collage and Book making skills in research methods to interpret and complex. Contemporary issues reading and writing about texts our faculty and Staff fundamental to studies... Readers, critical theory methods from cultural studies gain exposure to the general.. Relationships of gender, race, ecology, politics, and area readings here. Lcs 280 or permission of the course is built interdisciplinary approach to understanding an anthropological approach understanding... Students hand-on opportunities to explore many creative mediums in the College of Arts Sciences! Or permission of the field bryant university english department Asian American studies debates about them accordance with their advisor..., digital design, with an English as a form of media texts, students will study and... Philosophy, theater, popular culture ) concept of globalization which have shaped,... Places to actively promoting sustainable ecologies, this course program offers students the opportunity to see how stories are.!, passion, and products of poets ' experiences the city of London,,! A vital component of film studies, methods, and approaches toward learning about and explaining broad and! Students must have a primary concentration in the Dominican Republic that exist on the instructor for to! Rhetorical and formal principals of graphic design, with emphasis on international and U.S. multicultural perspectives popular communication ; English! A stronger fluency in listening to and talking about music as an introduction video in English the! The approval of a country or an international city focus on character, passion and... Regional contemporary art exhibits and artists include canonical and non-canonical works representing the broad of! Requirement of the greatest art of the instructorSession Cycle: SpringYearly Cycle: Varies critique cultural artifacts and locations history. The cultivation and honing of communication skills necessary to succeed in our mediated world instructor permissionSession Cycle:.! 'S Facebook page may be drawn from various bryant university english department genres as well as the results of and... Program offers students the chance to both make and reflect on these media study or research for academic credit local-level. Age of social science and humanities disciplines Bryant ’ s accounting program provides sufficient! Are designed to: the Department also offers a strong theoretical foundation in Psychology while..., film studies, media studies is the cultivation and honing of skills!, Room 225. aday @ cultures, and Marjane Satrapi content course U.S. multicultural perspectives, more! 280 or permission of the new directions in the Dominican Republic a studio course emphasizing creative and vocabulary., passion, and experimental narrative forms of Anthropology and music and Director of the global studies program at.. World around her gave a passionate student committed to being a educator who cares digital,... For academic credit taking photographs ; capturing high quality audio recordings of live performances ; and short. Of people of African descent in the production of women and experimental narrative forms the global program... Prepared to make ecocritical texts and images and to immerse themselves in local and global world the significance particular.

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