CNC Precision Machined Components

Paarl Precision manufactures CNC precision miniature parts made from a wide variety of materials, including 17-4 PH stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, nickel silver, brass and copper alloys. Nickel alloys include Kovar, Hastelloy, Monel and other nickel iron and nickel chromium iron alloys.

Our CNC precision machined miniature components have a wide range of applications in the sensor, electrical connectors, medical device, scientific instrumentation and oil and gas industries. Paarl Precision supplies precision assemblies which are made by laser welding or other micro joining methods, from precision machined parts and miniature tubes or precision stamped parts.

Brass, beryllium copper and phosphor bronze assemblies, for the electrical connector industry are supplied, including parts with selective gold plating.

Kovar and other nickel iron machined parts are used in hermetic seals.

Stainless steel components and sub-assemblies including laser welded sub-assemblies are used by medical device manufacturers, and pressure sensor manufacturers. The oil and gas industry uses harder, corrosion resistant stainless steel machined parts as well as inconel machined parts and Hastelloy precision machined parts.

Tungsten carbide machined parts and ceramic machined parts are used where low wear is important.

Parts which are originally CNC machined can then be laser cut to provide, for example, very accurate small diameter holes.

Our machining services include:

CNC contract machining from small 0.5mm to 1m diameter parts
CNC Turning up to 12 inches diameter
Spark erosion
Wire EDM
Thread rolling
5 axis CNC macining
Centreless grinding
Surface grinding
Tube bending