Fine Wire And Wire Forms

Paarl Precision supplies a range of specialised precision wire components and wire forms using various metals and alloys. From coiled springs and stranded wire to precision wire formed parts, we supply scientific instrument, medical device, aerospace and the oil and gas industry with components made to critical dimensions.

Shaped wire made from titanium, stainless steel, copper, brass and nickel alloys are available in a range of diameters from 10 microns to 10mm.

Metals available include the refractory metals including tungsten, molybdenum and platinum. Our range of laser welded assemblies includes assemblies where wire is laser welded to a tube, precision machined part or a part stamped from metal strip or foil.

Stranded molybdenum wire and stranded tungsten wire are manufactured for the lighting industry.

Filaments made from rhenium wire, tungsten wire or molybdenum wire are also supplied. Flattened wire made from rhenium, tungsten rhenium alloy, molybdenum and titanium are available. Wire with an insulating coating made from an enamel such as polyimide, PTFE, PFA and other polymers are also available.